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Gear racks and spur gears
I finally got some gears in

After reading on the MechMate forums about the gears and doing some research on where to get them, I finally did it. I purchased the 4 spur gears from McMaster Carr for $14.49 each.

CNC spur gear

I decided to go with rack and pinion instead of a leadscrew for simplicity and design reasons. I eventually want to build 4 by 4 machines and want them to work good. I hope that the motors and Gecko drives will make a good combination!

McMaster Carr5172T12Steel 20 Deg Pressure Angle Spur Gear, 20 Pitch, 20 Teeth, 1" Pitch Dia, 1/2" Bore
SSS200011Standard Steel Specialty will only take a check (money order?), but it doesn't take very long to get the racks. They answer emails promptly.

The address for Standard Steel Specialty Co. isn't listed on their website, so I had to email Tim Oravitz ( or you can call him. 800-356-9232 ext.228
Standard Steel Specialty Co.
P.O. Box 20
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

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