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CNC Router 4x4 machine

I finally got it built! Actually, this is number 2. :)

The first machine wobbled and ran about 60 inches a minute. It was also a 4 by 4, but the gantry was a single screw drive under the table. I had more problems with the thing than anything. This new setup is much better! I also like the fact that the 5 start 1/2-10 screws can move VERY fast compared to the old setup.

I am using 4 Gecko drives, 50 volt 12 amp power supply from Antek and Mach 3 to run the setup. I am also looking in to the software from Vectric (VCarve Pro to be exact). I am excited to have this new setup and I am still working on it in the evenings and running it during the day for my business.

Video on YouTube This video is just the machine jogging at 250 IPM.

I just put the dust collector shoe on it this afternoon. May 22, 2008

CNCRouterParts.comParts StoreDrive componuts made to work with 8020 Inc. T Slot extrusions.
8020 Surplus3030 @ 68"Find the extrusions here. I used 3 3030 by 68" pieces.

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