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Hello and welcome to FreeCNCPlans website. I am starting a collection of websites that feature free CNC plans, tips and ideas. There have been several inovative individuals that have really helped this small industry come along. People like John C Kleinbauer, Dave at Build Your Idea and CNC Zone.

05-22-2008 - I built a 4 by 4 machine using Ahren's parts. You can find the details and a link to the video here

12-09-2008 - Updated the Free CNC Plans to actually have free plans and the Materials now features a couple of new suppliers. I am thinking about using for my next build. I have already purchased from Ahren and you can read the details HERE.

12-08-2008 - I have built my machine and have now built a business with it! I am planning to build a second machine and this time I will document the different sections. The build log will be posted when I get started and will be updated as progress is made.

2-17-2008 - Haven't updated the site in awhile. Not much going on yet. I have been laid off and have some parts I will need to be putting on my CNC machine. I still need a power supply to run the Gecko's, but seem to be lacking the funds for a decent one :( When I get this machine done I will be posting the build with detailed pictures of how it goes together and a parts list. I am using 8020 Inc. Material, THK linear rails and bearings and a K2 CNC router mount I bought some time ago. I also had purchased the Bosch router off of Amazon some time ago, so I can at least build most of the machine now (I hope).

1-11-2008 - today I got my spur gears and racks.

8-31-2007 - Ordered some Gecko Drivers!

I truly hope this site will become a valuable resource for those looking for the plans and sources for parts. Have a great day,

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